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World Biofuels Markets 2012



Thank you to all who participated in
World Biofuels Markets Brazil 2011

Browse this website for a review of the event.

World Biofuels Markets Brazil 2012 preparations are well under way

Visit the World Biofuels Markets Brazil 2012 website for details or if you would like to be kept informed or wish to participate in the event click here.

This conference was simultaneously translated into Portuguese and English
Clique aqui para ver os detalhes em Português

2012 dates now announced: Join us again on 18th-19th September 2012 at Grand Hyatt, Sao Paulo

For information on the 2012 edition and for speaking opportunities, email Event Director: Nick Cressey

World Biofuels Markets Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil: 18-19 September 2012

Bringing the local and global advanced bioenergy markets together to drive innovation and commercialization in the next generation of Brazilian biofuels

With an initial 4.8% mandate introduced nearly 35 years ago and mass production of Flexi Fuel Vehicles since 1979, Brazil has been at the forefront of innovation in the ethanol and biodiesel sectors. It is a country with abundant feedstocks and land for future production, a rapidly growing economy and concomitant large energy needs, and a government that is resolute in its support for renewable fuel, with aims to double biofuel output by 2020.

However, the global biofuels industry is evolving fast and Brazil cannot afford to stand still. Seemingly endless numbers of start-up companies have entered the market, each promising new processes and biotechnologies that could radically change the shape and cost structure of the entire energy industry.

Cellulosic ethanol; pyrolysis; yeast-based advanced sugar fermentation; diesel from ethanol; synthetic crude oil; biodiesel from low cost, non-food feedstocks; algae-derived biofuel: these are just some of the technologies and processes that are radically changing the global bioenergy space and will soon begin to impinge on the cost effectiveness of the traditional ethanol model. It is critical that anyone involved in the sector understands these new technologies and what they mean for the direction of their industry.

For more information on WBM Brazil 2012, go to


Thank you to those who attended the inaugural World Biofuels Markets Brazilin São Paulo, which included:
  • 45 thought leading speakers, 13 CEOs
  • 240 attendees – breakdown: 51% Brazilian, 28% US, 15% EU, 6% ROW
  • 10 hours of networking time
  • Simultaneously translated into English and Portuguese (Brazilian)

"WBM Brazil brought together the global industry leaders in the backdrop of Brazil's economic growth horizon and historical drive for energy innovation. The conference offered meaningful business development, networking and learning opportunities. Thank you Greenpower team for making it all come together."

Santiago Giraldo, Business Development Manager, SG Biofuels at WBM Brazil 2011


“Shell, BP, Bunge, LS9, Dow and Amyris are collectively investing more than $20 billion into advanced, sustainable biofuels in Brazil. This new relationship between Brazilian, US and EU public and private industries is kicking off a new era in international biofuels investment.”
Brazil: The Bossa Nova of Biofuels, Emerging Markets Online, published by Biofuels Digest (2010)

 The two day conference, as expected, proved to be an exciting new prospect for the Brazilian events calendar and marked the beginning of a new way of thinking for the long standing and huge Brazilian industry.  The conference was littered with enlightening and dynamic presentations from leading companies such as Amyris, Cosan, Novozymes, Boeing and KiOR, all focussing on the bright future for the advanced biofuels and biobased chemical industry in Brazil.  It was not only the commercial companies that clearly see the potential, with Carlos Calvalcanti from BNDES confirming that “the conference offered the ethanol industry a prime event with a different level of discussion on innovative products and processes, which for a Development Bank like us is very positive.”

The presentations and panels on Technology Innovations, Scaling Up, Finance and Investment, Aviation and Biobased Chemicals all pulled a huge crowd, and the Exhibition Hall was abuzz with networking and deal-making.  It’s clear to see that the place of this this nascent industry in Brazil is here to stay, which was reflected by Embraer’s Guilherme Freire: “This first WBM in Brazil was a great opportunity for global leaders to discuss the bioenergy business in Brazil; especially as we see more and more investors looking to invest in the whole industry value chain here in Brazil.”

This event is part of the World Biofuels Markets Global Series. I wanted to remind you about Europe’s largest biofuels congress and exhibition: World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition. Here at Green Power, we've been busy putting together the preliminary programme for the 7th annual World Biofuels Markets Congress & Exhibition. Download the full programme at 

WBM Brazil 2011 Speakers Included:

azul.jpg Miguel Dau, Chief Operating Officer, Azul Brazilian Airline

gross.jpgPeter Gross, President and Chief Executive Officer, KL Energy Corporation

W. Burnquist - Headshot - 9.2011.jpgBill Burnquist, General Manager, Ceres Sementes do Brasil

reitmann.jpgEmílio Rietmann, Chief Operating Officer, ERB Brasil 

Dario Costa Gaeta, Chief Executive Officer, Paraíso Bioenergia S.ADario Costa Gaeta, Chief Executive Officer, Paraíso Bioenergia S.A

Luizweb.jpgLuiz Osorio, Vice President of Sustainability, Raizen

Jão Norberto Noschang Neto, Senior Technology Manager, PetrobrasJoão Norberto Noschang Neto, Senior Technology Manager, Petrobras

Carlos Cristo, Chief of Staff & Deputy Secretary Secretariat, Innovation Ministry of Development, Industry & Foreign CommerceCarlos Manuel Pedroso Neves Cristo, Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat for Innovation, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade

Kirk Haney, Chief Executive Officer, SG BiofuelsKirk Haney, Chief Executive Officer, SG Biofuels

Marcos Jank, Chief Executive Officer, UNICAMarcos Jank, Chief Executive Officer, UNICA 

Marcos Lutz, Chief Executive Officer, CosanMarcos Lutz, Chief Executive Officer, Cosan

Ed Dineen, Chief Executive Officer, LS9 Ed Dineen, Chief Executive Officer, LS9  

Find out who else spoke World Biofuels Markets Brazil 2011

Want to get involved or keep up to date with the event? Get in touch!

See you in Sao Paulo.

Miss Claire Poole
Biofuels Markets Event Director
Green Power Conferences
T: +44 (0) 203 355 4227


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