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Thursday March 15 2012: Day Three

AlgaeA staple feedstock for a number of years, algae experts will meet to reveal the latest developments in algae research, the newest harvesting, dewatering, and modification techniques, and debate how the process can be scaled up.

Chair: Will Thurmond, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Markets Online

09.00 Keynote: Future Outlook for the Algae Industry

  • Market insights: Investment activity into the algae industry current and future requirements
  • The future growth of algae as a fuel source – challenges and opportunities
  • How can effective policy stimulate the market for algae biofuels?
  • Understand the algae’s full potential regarding CO2 sequestration

Daniel Trunfio, Chief Executive Officer, Bio Architecture Lab
Joel Butler, Chief Executive Officer, Solix Biofuels
Syed Isa Syed Alwi, Chief Executive Officer, Algaetech
Will Thurmond, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Markets Online

10.30 Networking Refreshment Break

11.00 Technology – Cultivation & Processing

  • An update on the development of innovative technologies to optimise harvesting and processing techniques to bring biofuels to a commercial reality
  • Comparison of algae cultivation techniques to understand the future of algae as a leading feedstock
  •  European Algae cultivation: Case study examples and the importance of partnership for success

Ohad Zuckerman, Chief Executive Officer, UniVerve Biofuel
Packo Lamers, Assistant Professor, Bioprocess Engineering, Wageningen University

12.30 Networking Lunch Break

14.00 Pilot to Player: Scaling Up Algae Production

  • Accelerating commercialisation through open bed testing
  • Assess the logistical implications of scaled-up production in terms of cost, supply of nutrients, water and co2 
  • A closer look at biorefineries and co-products and the role they will play in the commercial future of algae

Ausilio Bauen, Director, E4Tech
Jip Lenstra, Senior Corporate Program Developer, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands ECN

15.30 End of Conference

Agenda >>Algae