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Thank you to all those who attended Advanced Biofuels Markets 2012

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"The one place where it is possible to get an overview of a very complicated industry that involves many companies, some big, some small, following many different pathways.  Essential."
Dan Morgan, Journalist, Huffington Post

The 2012 Advanced Biofuels Markets Conference was a fantastic event with over 400 participants across the 3 days and 12 sessions of in depth presentation and debate.

With a speaker line up of 50+ CEOs, policy makers and industry leading experts – it was an agenda packed with cutting edge information, industry announcements and debate.  The critical topics discussed, affecting advanced biofuels growth in North America and globally, included – policy including the Defense Production Act, scaling up, partnerships, the bioeconomy, feedstock economics, investment, technology transformations, residues and aviation.

  • Advanced Biofuels Conference
  • Advanced Biofuels Conference

Advanced Biofuels Markets continues to grow year-on-year and is the only place that industry leaders convene annually to discuss the trajectory of the advanced biofuels market.  This industry leading conference has rapidly become the ‘go-to’ platform for companies to make industry announcements, with many companies aligning product launches or announcing partnerships during the event.  This year industry changing announcements came from Beta Renewables and Novozymes, Solazyme and Propel Fuels, Cobalt and Bunge and SG Biofuels amongst others.

Hear's what our attendees thought:

"The event was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate advanced biofuels accomplishments.  The organization of the event and the venue were very well suited for the networking that needs to continue to happen to keep this all moving forward.  Great job!"
Valerie Reed, Biomass Programs, Department of Energy 
"I enjoyed the conference very much.  Great networking event!"
Jennifer Holmgren, Chief Executive Officer, Lanzatech

"It was truly a fantastic event showcasing the progress and amazing pace the advanced biofuels market is currently achieving."
Jacob Deline, Director of Sustainability, Abundant Biofuels/Energy Systems International

"The conference was very productive.  As always, your team was friendly and helpful."
Eric Macafee, Chief Executive Officer, Aemetis

"ABM was extremely useful.  I believe that ICM was able to reach an audience that we have not typically reached in the past, which is useful.  I look forward to participating again in the future."
Douglas B. Rivers, Director, Research & Development, ICM

"As a Business Development Manager, the conference was a great place to network and get the big picture of what is going on in the biofuels industry"
Ingrid Peterson, Business Development Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

"ABM offers unique insight of a fast developing industry, in a compact package. The business intelligence is shared in a way only pioneers do."
Heikki Kallasvaara, Director University of Helsinki

"Great for networking and meeting new people."
Marie Daghlian, Managing Editor, The Burrill Report, Burrill & Company

"I had a great time at the ABM Conference, thanks to your group for organizing!"
Bo Harrison, Project Manager, Biofuels Center of North Carolina

Industry Leadering Speakers Included:

  • James C. CollinsPresident, DuPont Industrial Biosciences
  • Fred Cannon, President and Chief Executive Officer, KiOR
  • Patrick R. Gruber, Chief Executive Officer, Gevo
  • Jonathan Wolfson, Chief Executive Officer, Solazyme
  • Guido GhisolfiChief Executive Officer, Beta Renewables
  • Daniel J Oh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Group
  • John Nichols, President and Chief Executive Officer, Codexis
  • Philippe Lavielle, Chief Executive Officer, Virdia
  • William Roe, President and Chief Executive Officer, Coskata
  • Jim Macias, Chief Executive Officer, Fulcrum
  • Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer,  Avantium
  • Valerie Reed, Acting Manager, US Department of Energy Biomass Program
  • Sarah Bittleman, Senior Advisor Office of the SecretaryUnited States Department of Agriculture
  • Julie Felgar, Managing Director Environment and Aviation Policy, Boeing 
  • Ed Dineen, Chief Executive Officer, LS9
  • Rich Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, Ceres
  • Kirk L. Haney, Chief Executive Officer, SG Biofuels
  • Daphne Preuss, Chief Executive Officer, Chromatin
  • Jennifer Holmgren, Chief Executive Officer, LanzaTech
  • Jim Imbler, Chief Executive Officer, Zeachem
  • Gregory J. Duerksen, President, Kincannon & Reed
  • Vince Chornet, Chief Executive Officer, Enerkem
  • Arunas Chesonis, Chief Executive Officer, Sweetwater Energy
  • Kef Kasdin, Chief Executive Officer, Proterro
  • Eric McAfee, Chief Executive Officer, Aemetis
  • Dan SimonChief Executive Officer, Heliae
  • Atul ThakrarChief Executive Officer, Segetis
  • Peter Gross, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Sugars
  • Jeff White, Chief Financial Officer, Virent 

We look forward to seeing you at another successful edition of Advanced Biofuels Markets in October 2013.

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Claire Poole
Event Director,

Advanced Biofuels Markets


Jim Lane
Event Co-Director,
Advanced Biofuels Markets
& Editor, Biofuels Digest

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