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How can you profit from your Biogas project?

The UK Government has outlined its plans for a low carbon economy, which presents significant opportunities for the biogas sector. ‘The industry is now set for radical growth - 2 plants built each week over the next 10 years - to meet the UK's renewable energy targets’ according to the ADBA.

Meet utilities and biogas developers in just two days at our 9th International biogas networking conference and gain practical information about biogas development and operations. For all the latest programme and speaker updates, download our brochure today

Gain face to face time with leading utilities and developers:

Steven Vallender, Head of the Sustainable Gas Group, National Grid
Bill Barber, Biosolids & Sustainability Technical Specialist, United Utilities
Friedrich Wolf, Managing Director, E.ON Bioerdgas
Martin Orrill, Head of Energy Technology & Innovation, British Gas
Richard Turner, Director of Waste to Energy, Viridor Waste Management
Douglas Carruthers, Senior Vice President, Organic Resource Management
Michael Chesshire, Technology Director, BIOGEN Greenfinch
Helen Franklin, Operations Manager, Lower Reule, Bioenergy
Jon Parry, Director, Walford Farm
Peter Prior, Chairman & Managing Director, Summerleaze/Andigestion
Alexander Maddan, Managing Director, Agrivert

And gain a clear understanding of support schemes & legislation from:

Defra, Wrap, Ofgem, Renewable Fuels Agency, Environment, Agency, NNFCC, Welsh Assembly Government and Scottish Renewables

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