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Informacja w języku polskim

Konferencja będzie tłumaczona równocześnie na język polski i angielski
This event will be simultaneously translated in Polish & English

Biogas Poland

Biogas Poland was a new addition to the Green Power Biogas series which started in October 2006 in Vienna, and has continued with 11 other events in the series to date globally.

Biogas Poland explored the opportunities and challenges in the country focusing around the three main types of biogas production.  Currently the main sources of biogas production in Poland are landfills and wastewater treatment plants.  Agriculture biogas plants are in the minority but with over 300 agricultural plants are in the planning stage the sector is set for rapid growth.

Speakers at Biogas Poland Included:

  • Randy Mott, President, CEERES
  • Kazimierz Żmuda, Deputy Director, Department of Agricultural Markets, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Poland
  • Jan Stambasky, Executive Board Member, European Biogas Association
  • Sylwia Klatka, Managing Director, ConVoco - Consulting for Sustainable Development
  • Jagoda Sumicka, Trade Policy Analyst, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD  Read her 60 Second Interview
  • Maciej Majewski, Head of EU Funds & Renewable Energy Team, Bank BGZ
  • Andrzej Wiszniewski, Vice President & Board Member, NAPE (National Energy Conservation Agency)  Read his 60 Second Interview
  • Norbert Kurczyna, Waste Management Department, City of Poznan  Read his 60 Second Intervie
  • Przemysław Goldman , President, Energa Bio 
  • Bogusław Buczak, Sales Director, Veolia Water Systems 
  • Eugeniusz Jędrysik, Senior Researcher, Department of Energy Saving and Air Protection, Central Mining Institute, Katowice
  • Robert Domaradzki, Managing Director, Vireo Energy Poland
  • Tom Frankiewicz, Program Manager, United States Environmental Protection Agency Landfill Methane Outreach Program
  • Michael Kottner, Chief Executive Officer, International Biogas & Bioenergy Center of Expertise
  • Barbara Smerkowska, Specialist - Renewable Energy Department, PIMOT - Automotive Industry Institute
  • Dennis Singeling, Account Manager, Power Generation, MAN Rollo
  • Radoslaw Pomykala, Director, Biomaster - Malopolska Region

Poland established a target of 14% of energy production from renewable energy sources by 2020.  This aggresive target combined with economic growth provides an encouraging investment atmosphere for renewable energy developers.  It is estimated that the potential for biogas plants and natural waste processing facilities in Poland is around 90% of the size of the German market which creates many opportunities.


Feedback from previous Biogas series events:

"Great line up of speakers" DMJ Gas Marketing Consultants

"I enjoyed this conference immensely, the presentations I've heard have been fascinating." Energy Vision

"Great conference! I was really delighted to see the larger attendance and the continued development of this important annual event." Ag Biomass Council

"Excellent gathering of the key experts from technology, feedstocks, offtake and regulatory arenas" Yields Energy