Many thanks to all those who made the inaugural GeoPower Indonesia & Philippines event such a success. The event will return to Jakarta, Indonesia, on 4-5 June 2013.

Harness the Power of the Pacific Ring of Fire at GeoPower Indonesia & Philippines

"Indonesia is in the process of harnessing their geothermal resource potential."
(Vincent Villegas
, Vice President, Business Development, Energy Development Corporation and Speaker, GeoPower Indonesia & Philippines)

News from the Exhibition Floor and Conference Room at GeoPower Indonesia & Philippines

GeoPower Indonesia began this morning with both a packed conference room and over 200 senior energy executives and 16 companies showcasing their solutions. The opening panel saw the National Energy Council reaffirm the Indonesian Government's commitment to the renewable energy industries, and geothermal specifically.

The incredible growth of the Indonesian energy market has been fuelled by a growing energy hungry population. The Government recognises that in order to create jobs and meet the needs of this growing population, a minimum of 5% GDP pa growth is required. That GDP growth requires energy growth and since 1985 the Indonesian energy market has seen per annum growth of 12% - even during the regional recession between 1998-2000.

Geothermal a $16bn Opportunity?

Estimates vary on how much geothermal will be developed in the next 5-10 years, but conservative estimates see approximately 2-4 GW with an average cost of $4bn per GW. With huge domestic demand there are also additional opportunities for Indonesia to tap into the electricity export markets of energy thirsty neighbours such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Redirecting to Clean Energy?

The Indonesian government are concerned about their huge diesel fuel subsidy bill, which currently stands at $9bn per annum, and are keen to redirect some of this into seeding clean energy projects. Although 9.7 c/kwhr is the much quoted ceiling for PPA agreements, it can be increased depending on the location of the project by 2-3 c/kwhr outside of the main islands of Java and Sumatra. Nevertheless the excellent resources available do make projects feasible at even 8.8 c/kwhr and lower.

Big Companies Moving In

Origin Energy of Australia, Tata Power of India and British Petroleum have all recently announced commitments to the Indonesian geothermal industry, and joined the delegates at the conference. These companies together with Total, Chevron and EDC Philippinnes all have the resources and balance sheets to finance their own projects and address a key concern of participants.

Where is the Money?

With no new projects coming online for the past 12 years, one could be slightly pessimistic about the likelihood of financing becoming available. However the IFC today reconfirmed they will be available to finance new independent power projects and are setting up a fund to mitigate exploratory risk. Other financiers described more flexible approach to debt/equity finance deals based upon the steam found from exploratory wells.

The Philippines and Indonesia represent the second and third largest installed bases of geothermal power in the world, yet the region has barely scratched the surface of potential geothermal resources.  Indonesia has ambitiously targeted nearly 4GW of new geothermal capacity by 2014, with private sector developers expected to fill around half of this gap. Meanwhile, The Philippines has targeted over 1.4GW of increased capacity as part of its long term renewables plan looking to 2030, with 1,020 MW of new installations expected to come online between 2015-2020.

With numerous projects in the development phase and new tenders yet to be won, there are significant opportunities for geothermal stakeholders to capitalise on these markets. GeoPower Indonesia & Philippines will bring together policy figures with local and international geothermal companies from across the geothermal value chain for two days of networking and solutions, as the industry addresses how to reduce lead times for developing projects, how to leverage the investment to stimulate the growth of the industry, and how to effectively develop, construct and operate a successful plant.

Green Power invite you to join us in Jakarta for the latest edition of the hugely successful Global GeoPower Series. Now in its 4th year, the series has attracted over 1000 international geothermal players from 46 countries, with 33% of attendees of board or director level.

Confirmed Speakers Include

Bret Mattes, Chief Executive Officer, Star EnergyBret Mattes, Chief Executive Officer, OTP Geothermal, Chairman, Alliance for Low-Carbon Business

Vincent Villegas, Vice President, Business Development, Energy Development CorporationVincent Villegas, Vice President, Business Development, Energy Development Corporation  read his 60 second interview

Udibowo Ciptomulyono, President Commissioner, PLN GeothermalUdibowo Ciptomulyono, President Commissioner, PLN Geothermal

Kevin Beavers, Senior Vice President, Operations, Aboitiz Power RenewablesKevin Beavers, Senior Vice President, Operations, Aboitiz Power Renewables

Jan Bartak, Senior Head of Business Development, International Power- GDF SuezJan Bartak, Senior Head of Business Development,  International Power- GDF Suez read his 60 second interview

Edward McCartin, Senior Development Advisor, Alterra Power CorporationEdward McCartin, Senior Development Advisor, Alterra Power Corporation - read his 60 second interview 

Paul Heinemann, Vice President, Asia, DEG- Deutsche InvestitionsPaul Heinemann, Vice President, Asia, DEG- Deutsche Investitions 

William MacDonald, Manager US Technical Services, TimetWilliam MacDonald, Manager US Technical Services, Timet 

Djoni Djulkifli, President Commissioner, Jabar Rekind GeothermalDjoni Djulkifli, President Commissioner, Jabar Rekind Geothermal

Eduardo Francisco, President, BDO CapitalEduardo Francisco, President, BDO Capital & Investment Corporation

  • Slamet Riadhy, President Director, Pertamina Geothermal Energy
  • Sanusi Satar, Vice Chairman, INAGA (Indonesian Geothermal Association)
  • Noldy Tuerah, Head, Regional Development Planning Board, North Sulawesi
  • Sjaiful Bahri, Country Manager, Indonesia, Panax
  • Roger Buendia, President, PNOC Renewables
  • James Reilly, General Manager, Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench
  • Rodel Briones, Manager, Philippines Operations, Ormat
  • Bastary Pandji Indra, Director of Public Private Partnership Development, National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia
  • Alex Smillie, Vice President, Geothermal Operations, Star Energy
  • Herman Darnel Ibrahim, National Energy Council; Board Member, International Geothermal Association
  • Mike Allen, Chairman, Geothermal New Zealand
  • Mark Taylor, Head of Geothermal, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Ulrich Schöpf, Deputy Sales Director, Deep Drilling Division, Bauer
  • Reza Agahi, Marketing Manager, Atlas Copco - read his 60 second interview
  • Paul Butarbutar, Regional Director, South Pole Carbon Asset Management
  • Dana Younger, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, IFC
  • Akira Matsunaga, Senior Representative, Indonesia, Japan International Cooperation Agency

    "The must-attend event in the geothermal industry" Ormat (speaking at GeoPower Europe 2011)

    I can honestly say, without hesitation, that my attendance at the conference could be the single deciding factor that will ultimately put my company on the map” Universal Geopower

    GeoPower Europe was a tightly organized conference that ended up fostering many helpful conversations for us. Content was well-thought, and we will definitely attend more Green Power Conferences.” Alterra Power

    Pictures from GeoPower Europe 2011

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