Welcome to the GeoPower Africa 2013 Conference & Exhibition

With an estimated potential of over 15GW in the Rift Valley, the geothermal sector holds the promise to boost the clean energy revolution.

Driven by increasing electricity demand and a need to fuel heavy industry, Kenya has established itself as the leader on the continent, with over 200MW of installed geothermal capacity, and more than 5 GW of new capacity targeted by 2030. This will be catalysed by the strong support of the Government to reduce exploratory risk, and implement an attractive legislative framework to promote new development.

The other Rift Valley nations are working hard to catch up. Ethiopia particularly is making strides to develop their industry, with a number of projects moving through the development stages. Elsewhere, Rwanda has announced exploratory drilling projects, Djibouti has expressed interest to develop their resource, whilst Uganda and Tanzania also house significant potential.

Despite the potential, the industry is young, and there remains a need for improved dialogue and co-operation between Government actors, financiers and local and international private companies. GeoPower Africa bridges this gap by connecting these key stakeholders in a focused strategic forum to work towards addressing the key milestones of project development.

 Speakers include:

  • Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Former President of Tanzania
  • Hon. Titus Kitili Mbathi, Chairman, KenGen
  • Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun, Programme Manager, ARGeo, UNEP
  • Abdou Mohmaed Houmed, Head of Geothermal Project, Ministry of Energy of Republic of Djibouti
  • Felchesmi Mramba, Acting Managing Director, TANESCO
  • Rashid Abdullah, Expert, Energy, African Union
  • Anastas Mbawala, Director of Electricity, Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority
  • Silas Simiyu, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, GDC
  • Horst Kreuter, Director, Geothermal Power Tanzania
  • Taramael Mnjokava, Principal Chemist, Geological Survey of Tanzania
  • Max Winchenbach, Co-ordinator Geotherm II Programme, BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources), Germany
  • Solomon Kebede, Director, Geothermal Exploration, Geological Survey of Ethiopia
  • Ernest Mabwa, Plant Manager, Ormat 
  • Tonia Kandeiro, Resident Representative, Tanzania, African Development Bank
  • Brad Sterley, Global Head, Clean Energy Project Finance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Peter Ballinger, Head of Business Development, OPIC
  • Albert Rweyemamu, Resident Underwriter, Tanzania, African Trade Insurance Agency
  • Halley Dickey, Director Geothermal Business Development, TAS Energy, Inc.
  • Paul Ahaneku, Technical Sales - Sub Saharan Africa, Tenaris
  • Peter Vivian-Neal, Chief Executive Officer, Kalahari GeoEnergy
  • Ralph Nyakabwa-Atwoki, Project Manager, Katwe Geothermal Power Project Limited
  • Nissan Yamin, Business Development Manager, Ormat
  • Cedric Simonet, General Manager, Geothermal Power Tanzania
  • Hezy Ram, Chief Executive Officer, Ram Energy
  • Robert Ddamulira, Regional Energy Coordinator, WWF