Aksel Hauge Pedersen, Senior Development Manager, Innovations center, DONG Energy

How are you and your organization involved in the ocean energy development?
DONG Energy has agreements with 2 danish wave energy developers, regarding R&D-collaboration and shared infrastructure. One major goal is to analyse synergies between off-shore wind and Wave energy.
Do you feel that the correct policies are in place to support the development of ocean energy projects across Europe?
The policies differs from country to country. Some countries do have reasonable supporting systems for Ocean Energy, but other countries a total lack of a policy for a development.

What do you consider to be the key obstacle facing the development of the industry? How might this be resolved?
Key obstacle is technical development, offshore operational track-record, and price reduction. This only will be resolved through further development and testing of existing technologies. Another obstacle is the great amount of different technologies, focus should only be on a limited number of technologies.

How do you envisage the market evolving in the short term? (over the next 5 years)
No commercial break through will happen in five years. However 3 - 4 technologies will be in the pre-commercial phase  

What do you feel has been the most exciting recent development in the sector?
Most exiting recent development is renewed interest from major European industries (Siemens, E.ON, Vattenfall etc)