Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel Flexible Transmission and Distribution, 25-26 September 2012, San Francisco, California.

We hope to explore this concept further again in the future.

Our next products in the region that may be of interest to you are Optimizing Wind Power O&M, Biogas USA WEst, Advanced Biofuels Markets 2012.  

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Anna Watson, Event Director.

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“By 2030, the electric utility industry will need to make a total infrastructure investment of $1.5 to $2.0 trillion.”-The Brattle Group, Transforming America’s Power Industry

After more than two decades of underinvestment, the North American electricity delivery infrastructure is struggling to meet today’s changing and ever-growing demands. The introduction of increasing amounts of renewable and distributed energy resources, which defy the centralised, demand driven structure of the grid, coupled with aging and inadequate transmission capacity is increasingly impacting operational reliability and security of supply.

Early confirmed speakers include:


Keynote Speaker:
Jon Wellinghoff,
Chairman, FERC                          

Keynote Speaker:
Angelina Galiteva,
Board of Governors, California ISO


  • Donna L. Nelson, Chair, Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • Terry M. Jarrett, Commissioner, Missouri Public Service Commission - Read Terry's 60 second interview
  • John T. Colgan, Commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission


  • Jay Caspary, Policy Advisor, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, U.S. Department of Energy


  • Ron Belval, Chair,  WestConnect Planning Management Committee and Supervisor Transmission Planning Engineer, Tucson Electric Power
  • Dora Nakafuji, Director, Renewable Energy and Alternative Power, Hawaiian Electric Company
  • Elaine Sison- Lebrilla, Advanced Renewables & Distributed Generation Program, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Ken Donohoo, Director, System Planning, Distribution and Transmission, Oncor Energy Delivery
  • Ed Tatum Jr, Vice President, RTO and Regulatory Affairs, Old Dominion Electric
  • Lisa Barton, Vice President,  Transmission Strategy & Business Development, American Electric Power

System Operators:

  • Paul Suskie, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Policy & General Counsel, Southwest Power Pool
  • Susan Covino, Senior Consultant, Demand-Side Response, PJM Interconnection
  • Jim Blatchford, Smart Grid Solutions Manager, Smart Grid Technologies and Strategy, California ISO

Developers and Financiers:

  • Lex Heslin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Beautiful Earth Group
  • Ali Amirali, Senior Vice President, Starwood Energy Group

Senior Level Industry Stakeholders:

  • Sue Kelly, Senior Vice President of Policy Analysis and General Counsel, American Public Power Association - Read Sue's 60 second interview
  • David Whiteley, Executive Director, Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative
  • Rajnish Barua, Executive Director, Organization of PJM States
  • Bill Smith, Executive Director, Organization of MISO States - Read Bill's 60 second interview
  • Bob Schulte, Executive Director, Iowa Stored Energy Park
  • Janice Lin, Executive Director, California Energy Storage Alliance
  • Craig Lewis, Executive Director, Clean Coalition

Our previous flexible power events have attracted senior level utilities and ISOs from across the United States, including:

Key topics to be addressed at Flexible Transmission and Distribution 2012:

Understanding FERC Order No. 1000- How best to facilitate successful interregional transmission planning?

Case studies exploring the latest transmission projects-
How are technical & business hurdles being overcome?

The use of non- transmission based solutions for renewable integration-
Which forecasting and demand response technologies are most effective?

Advances in the storage market-
Which storage solutions are proving to be the most promising investment?