Solar Brasil conference and exhibtion

Thank you to all those who attended the
2012 Solar Brasil Conference and Exhibition.

Solar Power Generation Brasil 2013
will be held on the 3-4 December in Sao Paulo.
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On 17 April 2012, the Brazilian National Agency of Electrical Energy, ANEEL, approved the most important piece of new legislation for the solar industry in the country to date. Setting in place regulation for net metering for solar systems up to 1MW and granting utilities an 80% reduction in distribution taxes for power generated by solar plants up to 30MW in size, the regulation gives a significant boost to the country's solar industry which has traditionally relied on off grid projects. As a result of the legislative changes, solar market researcher, NPD Solarbuzz predicts a year on year growth rate of over 350% for 2012, with potential triple figure growth until 2014. For more information on the legislation, click here.

As utilities and developers step into action, Solar Brasil was the first meeting to focus on the creation of a robust and sustainable grid connected solar industry in the country. From pilot projects initiatiated by utilities and the first rooftop projects to benefit from net metering to the multi-megawatt sized projects already being developed and constructed in preparation for future auctions, Solar Brasil assembled Brazil's energy regulators and energy providers alongside the solar industry to carefully direct the first steps in the development of the Brazilian solar market.

The conference will be simultaneously translated in English & Portuguese
A conferência será realizada em português e inglês com tradução simultânea

Selected Key Presentations at Solar Brasil:


ANEEL, the Ministry of Mines & Energy & EPE present the Brazlian's government's vision for the solar industry
Has the newly introduced legislation had the desired effect? How do they view the legislation changing as the sector grows? How does the cost and the advantages of solar power stack up against wind and hydro power?  


Utilities give feedback on adapting to and preparing for new legislation and discuss their first solar projects & future plans
With 240 days from 17 April given for utilities to be ready for connecting solar through the new net metering legislation how are they faring? Does solar sit well in their energy matrix? What is feedback from pilot projects? What solar installations are in their pipelines? Utilities confirmed include: Eletrosul, Neoenergia, CELPE, Elektro, Rede Energia 

Marcus Temke, Chief Operating Officer at MPX Energia presents Brazil's first multi-megawatt plant
With 1MW already constructed, a license to extend to 5MW and a request already in to expand the plant to 50MW, MPX Energia's Taua project is already leading the way in preparation for inclusion in future power auctions 

Tecnometal provide the first insight into module production domestically
With local content criteria expected to be imposed, Tecnometal discuss their experience in module production locally. How can costs compare to Chinese imports? What is the appetite for locally produced modules? When are provisions for local content expected to be introduced? What are the practicalities of setting up and operating a module line in Brazil?


ABINEE's specially appointed PV working group provide valuable insights
The head of the group alongside leaders of the solar auction and the PV distributed generation subgroups divulged their discussions and negotiations with government and the power and solar industries in Brazil 

Developers that have led Brazil's wind market and other LatAm solar markets connect with domestic solar players to discuss making solar a success in Brazil
Development work and plans underway from companies such as Renova Energia, Enel Green Power, Gehrlicher Solar Ecoluz do Brasil, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, Element Power Solar, SolarPack, Rio Alto Energia, EBES


Investors divulge funding mechanisms being created for solar power
Mechanisms being put in place by development banks, the willingness of investors to provide loans and the potential strategies being explored by developers to increase engagement in the commercial and residential rooftop markets; a focus day on the topic 

To view the full agenda click here


Solar Brasil is the 36th event in the Global Solar Series.

Testimonials of previous attendees of the Global Solar Series:

The Conference was great to get to know all the real interest that this subject is attracting towards the brazilian energy market.   
Senior Credit Risk Analyst, CAIXA Econômica Federal

“Top industry conference filled with the people who are really going to make a change in this business. Great series- keep up the good work”
President & Chief Executive Officer, Beautiful Earth Group

“I can recommend this event to anyone seeking a wide array of views on solar energy opportunities and project implementation alternatives”
Chief Operating Officer, Sequel Power

“Excellent scheduled networking time. This is the one event where I could be sure to maximize my contact with a desirable client base”
 Director of Solar Utility Development, Renewable Energy Contracting

“Excellent, Very informative and well structured”
Director, Utility Market Strategies, SunEdison

“Excellent; absolutely essential if you are in the PV industry in South Africa"
Director, SunSpot SA