Solar Maghreb 2013 Pre and Post conference workshops

Pre-Conference Focus Day / Monday 20 May 2013
Finance & Investment for the Maghreb renewable energy industry

Partnering Summit, Tuesday 21 May 2013
Creating a sustainable market for the Maghreb renewable energy industry

Pre-Conference Focus Day / Monday 20 May 2013

Finance & Investment for the Maghreb renewable energy industry

Benefits of attending:

  • Leading expert speakers delivering focused and detailed insights into the Financial structuring of the region

  • Limited capacity ensure you get the face-time you need to expand your knowledge

  • Open floor discussions allow you the opportunity to get your questions answers with instant feedback

  • Informal set up to facilitate concurrent peer to peer networking

10:00 Securing the financial future of renewable development

  • Highlighting the role the finance sector can have on supporting energy market reform in the Maghreb
  • Identifying the strategies for development of the Maghreb common energy market
  • Establishing regulatory frameworks that will allow renewable energy to develop in this region over the next 10, 20 and 30 years

Fanny Missfeldt-Ringius, Senior Energy Economist, The World Bank, USA
Philippe Lorec, Director General of Energy & Climate, Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development & Sea, France
Gianleo Frisari, Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative, Italy

11:30 Networking refreshment break

12:00 Reviewing current project investment

  • Can the investment levels required to see the projects through to completion be secured?
  • When will the significant involvement of the commercial banks become a necessity to continued progression of the renewable energy sites?

Samir Belrhandoria, Head of the Moroccan Infrastructure Fund, Attijariwafa Bank, Morocco
Aurelien Boyer, Investment Officer, IFC, Morocco

13:30 Networking lunch

14:30 What is the future structure of financial investment in the Maghreb?

  • Evaluating the current plans for mobilising the required funds into the Maghreb and exploring the strategies for closing the access gap
  • Identifying the financial constraints associated to renewable energy projects in the region
  • What were the key financial challenges of the Ouarzazate project and what lessons have been learnt?
  • How will the financing model change for large scale renewable energy projects over the next five years?

Guido Prud'homme, Head of Moroccan Office, EIB, Morocco
Silvia Macri, Research Analyst, Middle East and Africa Renewables Power, IHS, Spain
Silvio Venture, Renewable Energy & Environment Manager, Alatec, Spain

16:00 Networking refreshment break

16:30 Attracting and sustaining International, commercial partners

  • Should there be concern about gaining the investment of international banks into development renewable energies in North Africa?
  • What are the challenges associated with forming large, international Bank Groups to finance the large scale projects, and do they present significant risk?
  • Does the currency risk pose a problem in terms of enticing international involvement, and can it be overcome?

Nancy Rivera, Managing Director, Structure Finance, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, USA
Scott Lawrence, Investment Director, BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners, United Kingdom

17:30 End of the Finance & Investment Focus Day

17:30 Pre-congress networking reception and VIP registration

Congress Workshop / Tuesday 21 May 2012

Creating a sustainable market for the Maghreb renewable energy industry

Benefits of attending:

  • Smaller group size allows more detailed exploration of the topics and will deepen your understanding
  • Interactive sessions make sure you get the most out of the day and make every session count
  • Expert speakers get to the heart of the issues and ensure you have the best information to take your business forward

Kacem Debar, Senior Consultant & Project Coordinator, MEC Maghreb Invest Team, MEC International Limited, UK


14:30     Practicalities of doing business in the Maghreb markets: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania

  • Introductory notes and presentation invited guests


Case study : Morocco

14:30     Focus on the Eastern Region:  Med borders with Algeria

Invited Key players:

  1. Eastern Development Agency (Agence de l’Oriental)
  2. President of the Eastern Region Advisory Board and one of the founders .
  3. Regional Investment Centre .
  4. Moroccan Investment Development Agency
  5. MEDZ/CDG Group
  6. Leading local Law firms with international partnership, private consultancy firms.
  7. Other local, regional, national and international stakeholders Tbc.


15:30     Networking refreshment break


15:45     Special focus: + +


16:00     Special Focus: Green projects + Essaouira Mogador Green

  • University project promoted by MEC and John Pringle, Euro Solar Architect


16:15     Focus on the Southern Regions : A gate way to Canary Islands and South borders with Algeria and Mauritania

Invited Key players:

  1. Southern Development Agency.
  2. Regional Investment Centres :Guelmim, Laayoune/Tarfaya. Dakhla/Boujdour
  3. MEDZ/CDG Group
  4. Other regional experts


17:30     Special focus : Education, education, education

  1. Exploring partnership agreements between and , and others …
  2. Common features and regional variations. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania


Conclusions by a panel of experts and invited guests such as Rabat based Ambassadors, Universities President


Main points to be covered

  • Highlighting the impact a successful partnership can have on your business success in a new market: when entering a new region or diversifying your businesses focus
  • Considering each of the key factors when entering a new market: from localised knowledge to the existing competition
  • What are the economic factors that you can influence to secure the market?
  • How renewable energy companies can successfully move into the Maghreb
  • Understanding the regulatory and policy landscape of each country to allow a smart decision to be made about where to invest
  • Identifying the key challenges preventing significant international investment in the Maghreb
  • How significant an impact do cultural differences have on the business stage?
  • Establishing a sustainable renewable energy market in the Maghreb
  • Exploring the importance of job creation in the region and how to partner accordingly
  • Creating an industrial cluster in the region which will sustain local and international development and maintenance of the renewable energy sector
  • Exploring the possibility of creating a cheaper energy source for the Maghreb through a flourishing renewable energy sector
  • Reviewing the impact the diversification of the regional energy mix and aim for energy independence


18:15     End of the Partnering Summit