Meeting the Challenge of Connecting Offshore Wind Farms Cost-Effectively

Grid infrastructure and transmission networks need to continue to develop if Europe is to hit its 40GW offshore wind target. Offshore wind power grid connection remains one of the greatest bottlenecks to offshore wind development. Grid infrastructure, investment and access are key financial challenges in all countries trying to realise offshore wind capacity 

The Offshore Wind Power Grid conference will advance policy and industry discussion and include a series of interactive debates analysing the major challenges involved in cost-effectively connecting offshore wind farms and the scaling up of the offshore wind power grid:

  • How can the regulatory and commercial communities come together and create a cost-effective offshore wind power grid infrastructure
  • Sessions will focus on policy frameworks, legal and financial challenges and address the practicalities of permitting, installation, cabling and construction risk

"This conference, organised by Green Power Conferences, demonstrates that well organised, well focused events, and with the right speakers invited, is still the best way to win businesses and contact potential clients and suppliers" (KfW-IPEX, Green Power Conferences’ wind series attendee)

Leading the debate at the Green Power Grid Congress/Offshore Wind Power Grid conference stream:

Eddie O’Connor, Founder and Chief Executive, Mainstream Renewable Power and President, Friends of the Super Grid - 60 second interview

Udo Giegerich, Chief Financial Officer,
50Hertz Transmission

Daniel Wong, Head of European Infrastructure and Utilities Team, Macquarie Capital - 60 second interview

Tor Inge Akselsen, Senior Vice President, International Public Affairs, Statnett

Mihai Paun, Network Development, ENTSO-E

Wilfried Breuer, Managing Director, Projects and Board Member, TenneT Offshore

Wilfried Breuer, Managing Director, Projects and Board Member, TenneT Offshore - 60 second interview

Pierre Bernard, Head of Business Development, Elia Group

Holger Gassner, Head of Markets and Political Affairs, RWE Innogy - 60 second interview

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Green Power Grid Congress Structure:

Tuesday, 4 December 2012 

Keynote Plenary
Delivering the European Green Power Grid- Where are we now?

Networking refreshment break

Towards a European Super Grid:  What’s the Reality?

Government and Regulatory Policy Update

Networking lunch

Transmission Expansion and Improvement Case Studies

TSO Offshore Wind Grid Case Studies

Networking refreshment break

Developing the Best Capacity Mechanism for the European Market

Financing and Investing in Offshore Grid Infrastructure

End of day 1 and networking drinks

Wednesday, 5 December 2012 

Keynote Plenary
Financing the European Green Power Grid- Identifying Investment Barriers and Opportunities

Networking refreshment break

Improvements in Forecasting for Renewable Integration

Operating Future Deepwater Offshore Wind Farms at Higher Voltages – What Steps do we need to take?

Networking lunch

Creating a Market for Demand Response

Optimising Successful Cable Installation

Networking refreshment break

Energy Storage: From Pilot to Grid Scale

AC, DC, HVDC?/ Offshore Substations and O&M

Congress close