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  1. How can I contact Green Power Conferences
  2. How do I book a Delegate Place
  3. Payment - how do I pay, is it secure
  4. What are the payment terms
  5. Why would I sponsor an event
  6. What do you do for press, journalists and the media
  7. I want to know more about speaking opportunities
  8. Tell me about your networking opportunities
  9. Who are Green Power Conferences
  10. Are Green Power committed to the environment
  11. Where are you based, do you work with international companies

If you have a question that does not feature on this page please email and we will answer your question as soon as possible.


Booking a Delegate Place

All bookings are subject to our terms and condtions

How do I book my delegate place?

You can book via:

  1. Web: Go the Event Listing, and click on “Register” for the conference you wish to attend.
  2. Phone: Call +44 207 099 0600
  3. Email the contact person on the brochure or
  4. Fax the registration form in the brochure to +44 207 900 1853. The registration form is on the last page of the brochure, which can be downloaded as a PDF from each event web site.

Where can I find the pricing options?

The pricing options can be found on the registration form on the event web page - go to “Event Listings” and click on the event you wish to attend. You can also access the registration page from there.

What happens once I have booked?

You will receive confirmation of your registration by e-mail. If you do not receive anything within 48 hours, please contact us to ensure we have received your registration.

Please note that the automated email reply is not confirmation that you have secured a place your place is only confirmed once you have received a personalised email from the Green Power Conferences team along with your invoice.

Discounts are at the organisers' discretion and proof of status may be required. All discounts must be applied when registering - discounts cannot be applied after the booking has been processed.

Invitation letter for visa application

Delegates must have registered and paid the required registration fees before requesting an official letter of invitation. All requests should be sent by e-mail to the Event Coordinator. Please note that Green Power Conferences will not be able to contact or intervene with any Embassy or Consulate office on behalf of a delegate. If you havfe any questions about visa applications, please contact us.

Will I be sent my confirmation through the post?

Green Power Conferences minimises the use of paper and send out all confirmations via email. You will not receive anything by mail unless you specifically request it; however invoices are generated as PDF’s therefore this can be printed from your end.

What is included in my registration confirmation?

You will be sent your confirmation, joining instructions and your invoice/receipt. Where possible we will send you a hotel booking form for the hotel in which the conference is being held. If the venue is not a hotel or we have not secured a discounted rate we will send you a list of options for a range of 3-5* hotels as close to the venue as possible.

What is included in the registration fee?

A standard Green Power Conference includes refreshments on arrival, morning and afternoon breaks, a hot buffet lunch, a networking drinks reception and access to the two-day conference. This may differ for some events. Note: Accommodation, travel and transfers are NOT covered in the registration fee.

What is the difference between the Profit and Non-Profit rate?

The Non-Profit rate is available to an incorporated organization which exists for educational or charitable reasons, and from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially. Non-Profit rates are to enable governmental organisations, charities and or educational facilities to attend our conferences. This is typically a 20% or more discount off the standard fee.

To qualify for this rate you may need to provide documentation to confirm your Non-Profit status.

Am I eligible for special discounts or free passes?

At certain events we offer passes at greatly reduced rates to enable certain organisations to attend who wouldn't otherwise be able to - we do this with financial support from our sponsors and stakeholders. For example, some of our carbon finance events benefit from Project host passes which are awarded to companies from Non-Annex 1 countries that are reducing emissions from large or small scale CDM project activities within their business.

Project hosts passes and other subsidised rates will be awarded at the sole discretion of Green Power Conferences. These are only available on selected conferences - please check the event website for further details.

Are there any group discounts? What does the ‘3 for 2 offer’ consist of?

We offer a ‘3 for 2’ discount on some events - when two people book, a third person can attend for free. This applies to three people booking at the same time and covers delegates booking from different companies. This offer cannot be applied once a booking has already been processed. This offer is only available on selected conferences - please check the event website for further details.

Do you have student rates for your events?

Student rates are available on a discretionary basis. Please contact the Event Coordinator to discuss this - contact details for the event Coordinator can be found on the contact page on the event website.



How can I pay for my delegate place?

There are several ways you can pay:

International bank transfer – our bank details can be found on the invoice you receive when you register for a conference. Please include your invoice number as the reference when making a bank transfer payment. This will enable us to trace your payment more quickly and avoid us having to follow up with you unnecessarily.

Credit card - we accept all major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and American Express
If you want to pay by American Express please call +44 207 099 0600.

paypointSecurity is guaranteed

We use one of the world's largest and most secure online payment providers: Paypoint. We adhere to Paypoint's security guidance both online (through our secure website registration system) and our offline (our office-based payment and data handling proceedures).

If you do not want to use your credit card without checking first, we can send you a unique and secure link to make the final payment using Paypoint, or we can take your details over the telephone and make the secure payment while you wait - we are authorised by Paypoint to take credict card details by phone: we do not write down the card details, we only use them to make the payment in real time, using secure point-of-sale equipment supplied by Paypoint.

You are also quite secure using our online registration system - the final payment part of the process is processed using Paypoint's secure servers.

For more information about secure payments, please visit the Paypoint website here:

Why has my credit card payment been rejected?

There may a number of possible reasons for credit card payments to be declined. Please use a business email address or call +44207 099 0600 to find an alternative solution. It may also be possible that your card limit does not cover the full fee. Please call your bank and instruct them to allow the payment to go through. For any other reasons please call the event coordinator for the event on +44 207 099 0600 and they will assist you.


Payment Terms

Payment must be made prior to the start of the conference.

Payment is due within 28 days of invoice date or prior to the conference, whichever is the earlier date. Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques. Delegates who have not paid prior to the conference will be required to supply a credit card as a guarantee. If payment has not been received within 2 weeks after the event, the card will be charged.


Media Opportunities

How do I apply for a press pass?

Green Power Conferences are pleased to welcome recognised, accredited journalists to attend our conferences free of charge. To apply for a press pass to one of our events please email or call +44 207 099 0600.

Partnering with Green Power Conferences

We regularly work with industry publications, websites, associations and other information providers to market our events on a partnership basis. We have a comprehensive database of industry professionals in each of the sectors we work in, consisting of buyers of high value business information products and carefully researched prospects - our partners gain valuable branding, direct marketing and exposure at our events and through our event marketing campaigns. If you wish to gain new readers, members or increase your advertising revenue by partnering with us, please email or call +44 207 099 0600.

Should my association get more involved in a Green Power Event?

Green Power Conferences are professionally run and extensively researched – we invite senior level speakers to provide an in-depth, balanced and independent view of the subject area. Our events are very high value and well marketed to ensure a strong attendance and broad market exposure.

By endorsing one of our conferences you can be sure that:

  • The profile of your Association or regulatory body will be raised
  • You will attract new members and add value for existing members
  • You will be representing your members at one of the key meeting places for the industry
  • You can network and raise the profile of your organisation and your member organisations

Endorsing associations can benefit from some or all of the following:

  • Speaking slots and the opportunity to contribute to the programme
  • Free passes
  • Discounts for members
  • Extensive branding and marketing exposure
  • Direct association with our market leading, independent events

For more information please email or call +44 207 099 0600.


Speaking Opportunities

How can I become a speaker at a Green Power Conference?

To become a speaker at a Green Conference event you can either contact the Research Analyst whose name is detailed on an event website or brochure or alternatively please email referencing the event(s) you are interested in.

Please supply:

  1. A brief biography (3-4 lines) for your company and proposed speaker(s)
  2. A topic outline (title, 4-5 bullets and brief synopsis) and attach other supporting material.

Depending on the stage of the conference you will then either be contacted to follow up or placed on the reserve list of speakers if the agenda is already complete.

I am a speaker at a Green Power event, what is required of me?

Depending on the style of conference a speaking position could be chairing or moderating part of the conference, a 20-25 minute presentation or participating in a panel discussion as well as other formats on occasion. The conference researcher will discuss this with you as the programme is brought together. We try and make our events as interactive as possible and allow as much time for discussion on the day.

Once your role is defined the logistics executive (event coordinator) will follow up with a speaker pack containing further details and requirements. If you are providing a PowerPoint presentation this will be required approximately 3 weeks in advance of the event so it can be included on the conference memory stick documentation. Session and panel briefings when required will be sent out by the Research Analyst about a week before the conference to start discussions and ensure productive discussion at the event.


Networking Opportunities

Green Power events are designed to maximise networking - we do our best to connect delegates in the comfortable surroundings of our chosen venues.

Can I get in touch with speakers/other delegates before the event? networking

Green Power Conferences is always trying to improve our products and increase the value for our customers. One of our most popular features is the online networking – All of our pre-registered delegates, speakers and guests can contact each other, organise meetings and network before, during and after our conferences using our easy to use, private networking system.

For more information please visit the networking page.


Where are Green Power Based

Green Power Conferences organise events globally. We are based in the UK, but we have international representation and offices in the USA, France, Italy, Brazil, China and India.

We deal with clients all over the world, we are tax registered in many countries and we accept all major currencies.

Although many of the sectors we work in are new or developing, our staff have many years of experience organising events in locations all over the world in all markets, from Telecoms to Pharma, but now we only operate in the renewable energy industry.


About Green Power Conferences

I have never attended a Green Power Conference before. What can I expect?

Green Power Conferences are research led independent events that provide information, interactivity and networking for our delegates. The quality of the conference agenda is the cornerstone of the event. Many of the series and events in our portfolio have been established for several years and have a proven track record and when we launch new events we invest in our database of contacts to ensure these events are a success as well.

With so many other events in the sustainability sector, why should I choose to attend a Green Power Conference?

Green Power Conferences focuses entirely in this sector and has built an excellent reputation within the industry which enables us to work with key industry associations and publications to maximise these events. As we are not producing non sustainability events it also enables our research team to develop their expertise and further improve the quality of the agendas.

Why do you organise conferences which focus on the biofuels industry? Does this not conflict with your green policies?

Biofuels is a fantastic alternative fuel if created in a sustainable manner. Our events are focusing on the sustainable development of Biofuels in all regions of the world as well as looking at next generation technologies that are even more effective. Our events will assist the industry to reach these new greener technologies faster.

Why do you print and mail hardcopy versions of your programmes?

Green Power try to market responsibly both for the environment and in the way that we use people's contact data. We use paper from renewable sources and environmentally responsible suppliers, we use telephone, email and fax marketing as much as we can to reduce environmental impact and we carbon offset where possible, and even our web hosting is Carbon Neutral.

As much as we try not to; we still have to use a small amount of postal mail because it is an effective marketing channel, which ensures a profitable level of attendance at our events – without postal mail some of our conferences would not be viable.

We would like to give you the opportunity to choose how we contact you about our products. Please use this form to choose how we contact you, or to suggest how we might improve our marketing, visit: Read more about our green policy here:

Are any side events organised alongside Green Power events?

Yes, many of our conferences have seminars and workshops alongside them to enable delegates to discuss related issues in more depth. These can be booked alongside the main conference days.


What does Green Power do to make its events sustainable?

We recognise that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local and/or regional environments in which we operate. We therefore strive to reduce any harm that this may cause on the environment. As the first company to offer professionally organised events focusing on the sustainability sector, we are as committed to applying best green practices within our own company as we are to promoting green issues and the sustainability sector around the world.

To read our green policy in full, please visit our Green Policy page.

Green Power Conferences is the market leader in renewable energy conferences

Green Power Conferences enriches the global sustainable energy sector through industry-leading, forward-looking events and training programmes.

Since 2003, over 27,500 delegates from over 161 countries have attended over 200 conferences, exhibitions, workshops and training courses providing strategic business intelligence to the renewable energy and sustainability industries.

Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates, sponsors and partners.

Our events create micro-market places for utilities, developers, investors, suppliers and policy makers to meet, do business and develop partnerships.

Renewable focus:

We specialise in renewable energy and produce a broad portfolio of events for the wind, solar, biofuels, biomass, biogas, geothermal, ocean energy and climate finance markets.

Global reach:

We have successfully run events in 35 countries to date: UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco, Czech Republic, Argentina, Thailand, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, United Arab Emirates.

Our Mission:

We aim to be the industry's most trusted provider of consistently high value intelligence and connections demonstrated by a continually rising measure of customer satisfaction.


Contact us

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